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“It is a total energy transformation that stopped me in my tracks."

Crystal, a 39-year-old mom with 4 boys, felt fatigued and drained:

"After two medical hydration therapy treatments for chronic symptom management, Dr. Molly asked me if I felt any better. I honestly did not. Dr. Molly explained that sometimes it can take a few rounds to see results. The morning after my third treatment, I felt like a switch had flipped. It was like my power returned after all those years. I can't stop smiling."

“I wish I had found Dr. Molly a long time ago!"

Kathryn; breast cancer survivor

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I have relied solely upon nutraceutical IVs and supplements as my primary treatment protocol for a decade at another facility. But whatever they gave me caused a severe allergic reaction and I had to stop. I have now been receiving IV medical hydration therapy treatments twice a week at Innovative Medical Associates for a year and a half now. In that time, I have not felt sick or a loss of energy. The Vitamin C that Dr. Molly uses is derived from natural substances and I can easily tolerate them. Dr. Molly is extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience. She takes time to communicate with you. And her staff is extremely caring and kind. The emotional atmosphere at Innovative Medical Associates is incredibly nurturing and cancer support therapy for me. It is a powerful part of my healing process."

“If it weren't for Dr. Molly and God's grace, I would not be here... alive and cancer free! I'm so thankful!"

Cindy; she could not get treatment from traditional docs.

"I was diagnosed with a rare form of appendix cancer in 2017. Dr. Molly ordered blood work and diagnostic testing that conventional doctors refused to do. The IV medical hydration therapy targeted my particular cancer cells. Dr. Molly truly cares for her patients. Her staff is amazing too. 

“I am completely cancer free for over 2 years now.”

Tammy is a 64-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer in 2014:

“In 2014, I had a biopsy and lumpectomy. Two years after testing out of chemotherapy and refusing radiation or hormone therapy, there were several tumors found in my lymph nodes. I was able to clear all four lymph nodes naturally within eight weeks. After a year of traveling back and forth to Mexico for these alternative treatments, I was referred to Dr. Molly for cancer support treatments.

I met with Dr. Molly. We reviewed my test and lab results. She was able to get me the right treatment, testing, and specialists.

Dr. Molly has kept me healthy and happy! I have never been sick from this diagnosis. I have climbed pyramids in Egypt, swam The Nile, travelled to Europe, and ziplined the rainforests.

If there is any doubt that she can help you be happier and healthier, come in and see her.”

“Dr. Molly cares about her patients. And in today’s society, care means a lot.”

Harvey is a 75-year-old recovering alcoholic, who credits Dr. Molly with saving his life.

“I came to see Dr. Molly nearly twenty years ago after having a second stroke. I could not work a full day. I was so tired. After receiving medical hydration therapy, I got stronger and stronger. I don’t come as often as I used to come, but we quickly address any health issues that arise.”   

“I would encourage anyone to come here for any ailment.”

Suzanne was diagnosed with Covid-19 in August 2021.

I was extremely fatigued. I was lying on my couch for nearly 3 weeks. I had no appetite. I was dehydrated. At that time, no doctor wanted to see me.  

I heard Dr. Molly on her radio show. I met for a consultation, and she called physicians on my behalf. I was finally able to get the necessary testing including cat scans, x-rays, and blood work. I was told that I had glass-like particles, a common symptom of Covid, in both my lungs and intestines. I discussed the results with Dr. Molly who informed me I had “Long Hauler Syndrome.” She explained how medical hydration therapy could help reduce inflammation and prescribed other vitamins and supplements to support my immune system.  

Dr. Molly has knowledge, experience, and expertise. She is kind and encouraging, which always put my mind at ease. I highly recommend her.”

“I feel cared for; I feel at home here.”

Jackie is a 64-year-old woman, who suffered with symptoms of chronic fatigue.

“I was feeling achy and rundown. I had suffered from Lyme Disease years ago, as well. I heard Dr. Molly talk about the benefits of their chronic symptom management program on her radio show.

I felt better after only my first treatment. I had more energy and focus. Stress can trigger my chronic symptoms, so I continue to come here. If I miss a treatment, I feel the difference. I have been coming here for seven years and I feel like I am always her main priority. My concerns are never ignored. She explains things in ways I can easily understand. And she is tenacious in helping me to feel better.”

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