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Cancer Support Treatments in New Jersey

Cancer Support Therapy

Whether you choose to treat your cancer conventionally, alternatively, or not at all…our cancer support treatments may reduce chronic symptoms like fatigue or pain, while improving your overall health. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life. Visit our patient testimonial page.

The benefits of Vitamin C

We believe that medical hydration therapy is the optimal delivery method. Vitamin C is delivered intravenously directly into the bloodstream, providing fuel to the cells most in need.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports liver function, which can be overtaxed by the chemotherapy drugs. These powerful pharmaceuticals can destroy good cells along with the cancer. Their side effects often contribute to chronic symptoms like joint pain and fatigue.

Additional nutrients that further assist a liver detox are uniquely determined per patient and their treatment process.

All Vitamin C is NOT the Same

Our cancer supportive therapy mainly relies upon tapioca and cassava as our primary source for Vitamin C.

There of dozens of alternative, manufactured, or natural origins for Vitamin C. But those sources are often high in sugar. Studies show that sugar can act like fuel for the cancer cells. This is counterproductive to the goals of cancer support therapy. We strongly advise cancer patients to avoid sugar in their diet and supplements, as well.

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