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Erectile dysfunction (ED) relates back to cardiac output, the primary function required to initiate and sustain an erection. Dr. Molly Fantasia offers a systemic approach to men's health. Medical hydration therapy in conjunction with acoustical wave treatment may help to ensure successful and long-term results.

We can also prescribe pharmaceuticals or bio-identical testosterone as easily as any health specialist can do for you. But what is the point of using only pharmaceutical intervention if we do not also address any underlying conditions that affect the patient’s overall circulation?

When circulation is improved, guys feel good, they are happy. Their partners are happy. Therefore, quality of life is improved for everyone.

Medical Hydration Therapy nourishes the blood cells.

We look at the blood to see what is going on in the body, the cells, like we do with every patient. Then, we hydrate the body intravenously with key vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids that will best benefit YOUR body’s circulatory needs.

This is integral to achieve optimal outcomes when treating ED.

Acoustical Wave Treatment expands the blood vessels.

A machine emits non-invasive, low-intensity wavelengths. The acoustical wave treatment works on the shaft, breaking down old blood vessels, plaque, and scar tissue to widen vessels.

It has been shown to improve symptoms of ED, or erectile dysfunction, but it generally will not produce the most optimal results alone. In our opinion, it only addresses half the battle.

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