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Covid, Colds & The Flu

Viral infections including Covid, a cold (Rhinovirus) or the flu (Influenza) can knock us down pretty hard. Symptoms like fever, chills, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and/or body aches can cause someone to feel depleted and dehydrated.

Medical hydration therapy can replenish nutrients lost during infection: vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Replacing that nutrition on a cellular level may help to lessen the severity of your symptoms while additionally supporting and rebuilding a healthier immune system.

According to the CDC, when a virus can get inside our bodies, it hijacks the machinery of the cell and uses it to make more copies of itself. This can ultimately cause damage, or even death to the cell(s) while disrupting their function.

The number one advice any physician will give you when you have Covid, a cold or the flu is to hydrate. But hydration means more than just replacing fluids. It means replenishing key vitamins and minerals that may help to speed recovery and improve immunity against long-term affects of the virus.

Medical hydration delivers nutrients right to the cells to help fight off infection, as well as protect them from damage a virus may cause. These nutrients often include Vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, potassium, selenium, zinc and proteins.


TESTIMONIAL: In 2021, I was extremely fatigued. I was lying on the couch for nearly three weeks. I had no appetite. I was dehydrated. No doctor would see me.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Molly. She ordered tests that showed I had glass-like particles in both my lungs and intestines; common symptoms of Covid, or "Long Hauler Syndrome." I learned that medical hydration therapy could help reduce the chronic inflammation and she prescribed vitamins and supplements to support my immune system.

Dr. Molly has knowledge, expertise and experience.

I would encourage anyone to come here for any ailment.