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Understand Environmental Medicine

What is Environmental Medicine?

Environmental medicine involves studying the interactions between environment and human health and analyzes the four major environmental media: air, water, and food.

If you are suffering from unknown symptoms that mimic many conditions, you might want to consider environmental exposure to:


1. Carbon Monoxide
2. Lead
3. Nitrogen Oxides
4. Ozone
5. Particulate Matter
6. Sulfur Dioxide
7. Other Air Pollutants


1. Heavy Metals
2. Halogens
3. Organic Compounds
4. Noxious Gases

Airborne mode spores:

1. Allergenic
2. Pathogenic
3. Toxigenic

If you want to achieve optimal health in a complex environment, Dr. Molly is here to help!

Dr. Molly is a member of the Academy of Environmental Science and is up to date on the latest studies and information.

Achieving Optimal Health in a Complex Environment

Dr. Molly focuses on:

  • Assessing the patient.
  • Specialized testing.
  • Using hydration therapy as a vehicle to help eliminate symptoms with specialized hydration protocols.
  • Detoxing the patient from the constituents that are plaguing the patient.

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