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We Help You Be in Control

Opioid addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases that can harm not just yourself, but your loved ones, too. If you’re ready to get clean and take control of your life again, Innovative Medical Associates, LLC can help. Our holistic addiction detox program is available in the Marlton, NJ area. Unlike other detox programs that force you to stop working, our program is designed for out-patients that can’t afford to take weeks away from their daily lives.

Contact Innovative Medical Associates today to schedule an appointment with an addiction detox specialist. We’ll create a personalized program for you.

Why choose this addiction detox program?

Our addiction detox program is designed to reduce your opioid cravings and take care of you both physically and mentally. This program features:

  • 7-10 days of natural amino acid treatments
  • Supplemental hydration therapy
  • Pain management and counseling services
  • 3-5 days of optional FDA-approved medical treatment

choose to continue

After the initial program, you can choose to continue the FDA-approved medical treatments with hydration therapy for another 4-5 months. To find out if this addiction detox program is right for you, call 856-489-0505 today.

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