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When you’re in constant pain, even the simplest tasks can feel impossible. You can’t do things you once loved, like walking your dog or even taking a road trip, without aching. Innovative Medical Associates, LLC can help you take back your life. We offer pain management and energy medicine services in the Marlton area. By using a holistic, personalized approach to your pain, we can reduce or eliminate it entirely.

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Medical Marijuana

  • Why Use Marijuana

    Medical marijuana is used to manage pain and inflammation when other medications have failed or cause debilitating side effects. You don’t have to live with the life-altering side effects of pain medications. Instead, you can experience the many positive health impacts of medical marijuana. Contact us today to get the support you need.


    Medical marijuana is used to treat many debilitating ailments, and we provide it to our clients to ease their pain and distress. The ailments we treat with marijuana include arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma and PTSD. Even if your ailment isn’t listed here, call us to discuss your health needs directly.

  • Let Us Guide You

    As medical practitioners, the team at Innovative Medical Associates LLC is ready to guide your healing process. We proudly offer access to many highly effective alternative treatment options, including medical marijuana. When you feel lost in your journey toward good health and pain relief, contact our clinic for support and guidance.